Types of Proxies

There are various different types of proxies but mainly we can categorize these into 3:

Residential proxies

A residential proxy is the connection type that you got at home when connecting to the internet via your DSL or Fiber internet service provider.

These are high trusted, aslong it is a private registered connection. Businesses who rent multiple ips are also claiming to provide you with residential proxies but these can be identified by the Organization data field, that clearly shows the site you are connecting to that you are not browsing from your home internet but from a rented proxy connection.

Prices vary pretty much depending on location, and wether it is a private or company based one.

Mobile proxies

A mobile proxy is what you got when you purchase a mobile data package to browse the internet. These proxies are said to got the highest trust due to the fast changing ips that are being shared with multiple users in your city. These can not be easily blocked, else it might affect other users.

The only downside here is the high price due to costly data package plans.

Datacenter proxies

These are the cheapest and fastest but mostly already being added to the blacklist.

Datacenter proxies are simple rented ips onto servers within datacenters. So that a pretty high amount of ips can easily be setup.

Mostly being used for work that runs stable without the fear of getting blocked.

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